I grew up in Austin and loved playing in all of its creeks, parks and lakes as a child. I now live 45 miles outside of the bright city lights in the country near the cute little town of Smithville.  My husband and I have 3 wonderful children and menagerie of pets on our 10 acres.  I'm happy to be close enough to visit Austin & all it's food, music and events as often as I like. If I could live anywhere but here it would be near the sea.

I worked as a veterinary surgical technician for 12 years before staying home with my three children. I've loved photography and taking photos since I was a young girl and purchased my first film dslr camera when I was 20. Looking through family photo albums was one of my favorite pastimes as a child.  I love art, music, Tex-mex, coffee, chocolate, all things vintage, animals and nature. 

I strive to keep all my photography sessions simple, fun, relaxed and done in an artful way. I want to photograph you as you truly are.